Project 5 Study Initiated

The detailed design and Class Environmental Assessment study for Project 5 has been initiated.

Through direct correspondence, we will notify Indigenous communities, agencies, stakeholders, and interest groups on the project contact list and any affected property owners, of the commencement of the Project 5 study and request local knowledge of existing conditions or any other comments regarding the study. This information will be considered during our assessment of potential impacts to the surrounding natural, social, and cultural environment that may result from proposed improvements at each site and to develop measures to avoid or mitigate these impacts.

If you have any questions regarding fieldwork, or would like to provide your input regarding existing conditions at any of the culvert locations, please submit via email to:

Pour de l'information en fran├žais, veuillez communiquer avec Tim Belliveau au (905) 381-3224.


A keymap of all culvert locations is available as a printable PDF.