Welcome to the Highway Culverts Project

The Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) is completing a multi-year program to rehabilitate/replace approximately 142 structural culverts in Southwestern Ontario. Stantec Consulting Limited was retained by MTO to complete the Detailed Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process for this assignment which will be completed under seven separate construction contracts or Group Work Projects (GWPs). The required rehabilitations or replacements are based on the existing condition of the culverts. As the studies proceed, field investigations will determine the extent of the improvements; the associated traffic management plans; and, confirm the year of construction. While the majority of the culverts require minor rehabilitation that can be undertaken within the right-of-way, there are approximately 19 locations that require major rehabilitation or replacement and may result in temporary traffic impacts during construction. 

Details on the culvert rehabilitations/replacements along with traffic impacts and timing of construction will be available on this website which will be maintained for the duration of the project and updated as we progress through each contract. You are encouraged to check for status updates at your convenience. 

Pour de l'information en fran├žais, veuillez communiquer avec Tim Belliveau au (905) 381-3224.


A keymap of all culvert locations is available as a printable PDF.