Project 3 Description (GWP 3045-11-00)

The Project (GWP 3045-11-00) includes minor rehabilitation at 21 sites and major rehabilitation of the culverts at Sites 19-305/C (Reynolds Creek Culvert) and 19-669/C (Van Hecke Drain Culvert). 

Construction is underway and anticipated to carry over to the 2017 construction season following winter shut-down. Construction will be undertaken concurrently, with the order of sites depending on the contractor’s scheduling. 

Construction staging and traffic management includes the installation of temporary concrete barriers at select sites, as required. There is also potential for continuous single-lane closures for a maximum of five days to accommodate construction at certain sites.

There will be short duration shoulder closures to accommodate loading and unloading of materials and equipment. The proposed improvements will not result in significant impacts to highway traffic flow. 

Pour de l'information en français, veuillez communiquer avec Tim Belliveau au (905) 381-3224.


A keymap of all culvert locations is available as a printable PDF.